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Video Evaluation

Friends are nice; they’ll tell you it looks great. I’ll tell you the truth.

Let me give you honest & constructive feedback on your video! I watch the whole video thoroughly and multiple times. I also give outside unbiased perspective. It’s a great source for improvement and taking yer next video to the next level!

Video 1:1 Consultation

What is it you want to know?


Pick her brain about something with yer videos.

Brainstorm about how to brand yerself in video.

Brainstorm ideas about your next Facebook Party Video.

Talk about how to execute the vision of yer next video.

Look over your YouTube channel together.

Figure out your video strategy! 

Trailer/Promotional Video

Don’t skip out on this video!

Feature it on yer YouTube Channel(Yes, I’ll teach you how.)

Feature it on yer Facebook Business Page(Yes, I’ll teach you how.)

Post it on yer Website Home Page!

Use it as a referral tool.

Let people get to meet you, know you, like you, trust you.

Tell ’em what yer all about.

Start making connections & building relationships!


Facebook Party Product Demonstration Video

More Family Time.

Less Computer Time.

PREPRODUCTION resources1:1 consultation time with Kari Driskell from DRISKOTECH

DRISKOTECH will do all the fancy tech pieces for you so you don’t have to! 

You can show a lot of product in a lil bit of time. You get edited fun, royalty free, upbeat music in yer video. YOUR face & personality will be featured so party-goers fall in love with YOU!  (Which means people will begin to connect with you, relate with you, feel like they know you,and build or start a connection with you, yes, even in an online environment!)

You’ll get guidance on preparing yer YouTube channel while you wait on yer finished video.

A Custom Thumbnail will be provided and we’ll teach you how to put it up so you have a professional look when you share the link in yer Facebook event! (Then you’ll know how to do it for all yer future videos you ever make!) 

Your video will be shared on the DRISKOTECH Facebook page for promotional purposes, and you’ll be featured on!

the Favorites Bundle

2 Important Videos


The Trailer Video AND the Facebook Party Product Demonstration Video. Get them both at the same time with this bundle and save 10%!


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