These terms & conditions shall apply in respect to the DRISKOTECH GET OVER YERSELF VIDEO CAMP (GOYVC).  All prices are quoted in US dollars. Payment is due in full.

DRISKOTECH strives to produce quality & entertaining learning opportunities for clients, so that the client will grow in their confidence and comfort level in regards to recording herself in video for their business.  DRISKOTECH makes no promises on increased business sales, increased bookings, or increase business growth.

The outcome of the Video Camp:  DRISKOTECH students will become more confident and comfortable getting in front of the camera and will increase the reach & engagement with her direct Facebook video uploads.


The objective of the Video Camp: DRISKOTECH students will gain insight on how to be more comfortable & confident in front of the video camera device; will create a total of ten 1-minute videos under the guidance of DRISKOTECH; sharing 5 within the private Facebook group and sharing 5 on her own Facebook page (or group, however the student conducts business).

Resources & content is delivered through the “MothaBoard” hosted on in a membership protected page.  You are expected to participate in “class” which involves you applying what you learned from the resources, through the experience of the daily prompts.

As a DRISKOTECH student, you will also have access to a private Facebook group, monitored by Kari Driskell, for a community of support, encouragement & growth as you become more confident & comfortable getting in front of the camera…. Eer, the phone.

Yer payment was for ONE participant in the course. Sharing the content of the course will result in removal from the course, the Facebook group as well as any future courses from DRISKOTECH, because you cannot be trusted. And that’s not cool.

You will NOT sell or solicit sales within the DRISKOTECH GOYVC Facebook group. You will not actively solicit business from other DRISKOTECH students via their personal Facebook account or fan page. If you are being unwantedly solicited by another GOYVC student, please screenshot the conversation and send it to  As with most communities, you may connect well with another student.  If you do decide to conduct business in some way, shape, or form with another GOYVC student, DRISKOTECH is not held liable for any bad debts or experiences.

All training videos were created and are intellectual property of DRISKOTECH and are copyrighted. Don’t even think about it…


I am 100% confident in my teaching abilities AND the course content.

DRISKOTECH does not generally issue refunds once you have accessed or viewed an online course, mainly because once you have had instant access to the content.

A refund will not be granted because you did not try, got too busy, overwhelmed, had unexpected expense occur, got sick, had buyer’s remorse, or yer partner is angry you invested in it.


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