Get the Funk Out

While I am usually teaching video… this is a little different.

As business women… hell, as PEOPLE… we get sucked into some self-doubt, don’t we?!?

I call it “the Funk.”

It happens to all of us. I’m getting real and sharing with you some different things that I do to dig myself out of it, these little things I do help me avoid it as much as possible, and help me channel my inner awesomeness! And I want to share them with you.

Join me… it’s gonna be fun, fast, light-hearted, good impactful content, and it’ll help you lift that ‘Funk Fog’ so you can get back to being awesome.

See you on the inside…


Video Like a Rockstar

A great place to start if yer new to me or to videoing…

checkmark.tVideo Trainings

Yer Videoing Space; PreRecording, You; PreRecording, Mechanics; Script-Writing


Script-Writing Template; List of Videos a Direct Seller Could Make

checkmark.tExclusive Facebook Group


Mini-Commercial with yer Cell Phone

Learn my 3 easy steps that are gonna help you be able to create a professional looking mini-commercial all on yer cell phone like this one! Throw them a zinger every once in a while in yer social video marketing…

Video Training

How-To Tutorials

App Suggestions


Exclusive Facebook Group


Intro & Outtro MiniCourse

You’ve seen them.  You want them. 

Save HUNDREDS of dollars by learning how to make them yerself. 

Immediate & forever access to the Resources

Access to the DRISKOTECHIES Facebook Group

Example Videos

See 3 of my old intro/outtro videos, 2 of my new intro/outtro videos, and 6 others from real life people you might know.

Brainstorm & Planning

4:27 video walking you through a printable to help you create yer own intro/outtro vision.

Links to Helpful Tools & other Resources

Watch Me Videos

Two videos where yer get to watch & listen to me create my new intro (10-min) and my outtro (17-min).


*Included in Level 3 of the Editing Ecourse.

the YouTube MiniCourse

A module of the Editing Ecourse, Level 2 and 3…

Learn the in’s & out’s of looking like you know what yer doing on YouTube!

Immediate & forever access to the Training

Access to the DRISKOTECHIES Facebook Group

How-To Training Videos

Start a YouTube Account, Verify yer Account, Upload a Video, Make Channel Art, Feature a Video, Create Playlists, Claim a Vanity YT URL, YT’s Free Music for Download, Closed Captions, Clickable Social Links

Training Videos

Understanding Privacy Settings, Having Two YT Accounts, Understanding Analytics, Becoming a Suggested Video on YT, Writing Your Description, Understanding Video SEO

More Get Added As Driskotech Learns More!


*Included in Level 2 & 3 of the Editing Ecourse.

Brand Yerself In Video

Branding is important for yer business.  And no, I’m not talking about yer company brand.

I’m talking about YOU.

But it’s more than just using yer face.

People recognize yer shizz and you don’t even have to have yer name on it. I mean, you should.

But still.

It’s yer style. It’s yer vibe.

And yer videos need to be the same way.

Immediate & Forever Access to the Resources

4 Training Videos

Welcome; Know Yerself; Know Yer People; The GamePlan


Bonus Materials

2 Additional Videos; Color & Font Resources; 1 Additional Printable

Exclusive Facebook Group


*Included in Level 3 of the Editing Ecourse.

Get Over Yerself Video Camp

Quit letting FEAR hold you back from making videos.

Immediate & Forever Access to the Resources.

Prep Yerself Before You Wreck Yerself; Prep Yer Space; Things to Remember While Recording; Prep Yer Footage

10 Video Prompts with Examples

Support & Feedback from Kari Driskell

Bonus Videos from Some “Experts” to Help You Get Over Yerself.

Exclusive Facebook Group



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