How To Live Stream in Instagram

How To Live Stream in Instagram

Are you doing a little happy dance over here like I am?

Lucky for you, I got you covered so you know what to expect and what you need to know when it comes to yer live-streaming on Instagram! Yup, I take care of my people! Mwah!

Instagram Live-Streaming!

Where to Find It:

First, you need to open Instagram and click on the camera icon in the upper-left-hand corner.

Then, slide over to “LIVE” and get ready to hit START LIVE VIDEO.

There will be no “description” in Instagram Live and you also need to know that you don’t currently have to welcome replay viewers because there is no replay.

Having no replay isn’t a bad thing… it creates a sense of urgency - a little bit of FOMO - when/if you use the live feature on Instagram, I promise. My kids use live-streaming like this all the time in the App. It’ll just take some getting used to as the other live-streaming that we’re used to do have a replay feature…. and you never know, Instagram may eventually add it.

Getting Started:

Instagram will check yer connection. Then, give you a countdown and tell you yer live.

You can double check yer tripod, set a timer if you need to on yer computer, or even start some music nearby if you need to if you don’t have any viewers, remember, there’s no replay!

Of course, if you tell yer followers that yer gonna go LIVE at a certain time for a special announcement, you might have followers hopping on right away!

What THEY See & Experience:

Your people will be notified that yer LIVE in Instagram whether or not they’re in the app (if their LIVE VIDEO NOTIFICATIONS is enabled - I’ll show you that later).

But if they’re within the app, you can see that someone is LIVE at the top in the “STORIES” feature of Instagram. (See the pink LIVE circle at the top of the second image there?)

You need to know:

  • Yer people can comment (unless you turn that feature off, I’ll show you that in a bit).
  • Yer mirrored when in selfie-mode which means yer text will be backwards.
  • Yer people can tap for hearts (I’m sure these will be used for something in Instagram).
  • The 3 dots (“more”) pull up a REPORT link; but I’m sure more features will eventually be added here, like a “share.”
  • There is about a 10-second delay. Nothing to fret about, just be aware… And that’s not bad at all, I might add.

What WE See & Experience:

As the live-streamer you’ll probably want to be vertical as Instagram is a mobile-only app. In fact, I didn’t even try it horizontally…

Of course, as with other live-streaming, you’ll see how many viewers you have, as well as comments and hearts.

You’ll also see when someone you follow joins in the video.

You can flip the camera, and if you tap the 3 dots (“more”), you’ll be able to remove the commenting.

But the exciting thing that we discovered is that the admin (as in, YOU, who is doing the streaming) is allowed to comment, too! (See where I say: TEST. Yup. Just sayin’. That’s pretty cool.

Ending the LIVE Video:

And then when yer ready to end yer Instagram Live, hit the END button in the upper-right-hand corner, and you’ll be asked to confirm whether or not you really do want to end the stream.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll get a little report of who all was on…

Remember, there’s no replay. And right now, there’s not an option to download the live-stream video to repurpose the video somewhere else. But this is new, and Instagram will be making updates to it, we know it will…

Settings for yer IG Story & LIVE Vids:

When you click the Camera icon in Instagram to go to Instagram Stories (or while yer in LIVE), there’s a SETTINGS ICON in the upper corner. When you click on that, you can tell Instagram whether or not you want to HIDE YER STORY AND LIVE VIDEOS from specific people. And then from there you can go and manually select people.  

Just an interesting feature to have. I can’t imagine myself using this feature unless I have a major issue with a troll in my public business page account, but it’s good to know it’s there.

Notifications for LIVE Videos:

When you click on yer own Instagram Profile, there’s a little SETTINGS ICON (“wheel”) in the upper-righthand corner. Click on that and it’ll take you to yer OPTIONS.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll find PUSH NOTIFICATION SETTINGS.

And from there you’ll scroll down and be able to turn yer Live Video Push Notifications on and off. Meaning… when yer not in the Instagram App, do you want Instagram to notify you if someone you follow goes live?  Mine’s turned ON.

Whew! Isn’t that fun?

Just remember that Instagram will be updating this feature. They all do. Roll with it and have fun.

And remember that the fact that Instagram isn’t allowing a replay feature just creates that FOMO factor (“fear of missing out”). It’s not necessarily a bad thing at all…

Cheers to you and yer Video Awesomeness!


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