How To Download Your Facebook Live Video

How To Download Your Facebook Live Video

Not been able to download your Facebook Live lately? Annoying, isn’t it?



There’s many reasons you’d want the video file of your Facebook Lives… You want to download your Facebook Lives so that you can

(1) upload them to your YouTube account,

(2) edit the hell out of them to post somewhere later,

(3) create a teaser for the main video,

(4) house for a paid product under a lock and key,

(5) and lots more reasons.

2 Easy Steps:

Step 1:

Click the TimeStamp of your Facebook Live

Step 2:

Click the “dots” (drop down menu) and



I know… that was epic… 😂 It’ll download to your computer! Your welcome!


  1. Meighan Hopper

    I seriously love you! This is such an easier way to save my videos! THANK YOU Kari for always helping us with our techy-world-problems! You are the greatest!

    • Kari Driskell

      Ha. You are so very welcome, Meighan! I’m happy to help however I can! Thanks for letting me know that you needed to know this!


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