Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Facebook Party

Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Facebook Party

I attended a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad Facebook party the other night and I pretty much had to blog AND vlog about it… like, immediately! I attended as a guest… I wasn’t the rep, it wasn’t the ‘hey, Kari, come and check out my Facebook party and tell me what you think,’ it was the the complete, normal invitation as a customer to the rep, and as the friend to the hostess.


It’s kinda fun ‘going’ to parties, ya know? And just enjoying them…

Just like in-home parties, there’s so many ways to do a Facebook Party. And I was interested to see how she did hers.


THIS wasn’t about the techniques - or the formula - or the format - or the video! This. This was about customer service. This was about building relationships. And immediately following the party, while I’m laying in bed after the very last interaction with the rep, I turned on my reading light and *had* to jot my ideas down… for you all.

And… duh… my thoughts go best in videos {Cause, ya know, I’m the video coach for direct sellers - Click HERE to LIKE my FB page!… so…. HERE:

There you have it! The four, well, five things that you can do in yer Facebook parties, as well as during yer in-home parties that make a difference and help you connect to yer peoples!


And, you know… the more I think about it, the more it’s about engagement too.  Giving me an image that’s too visually stimulating and then 3 paragraphs of information to read about the particular product, just isn’t fun.  No interaction. No conversation.  No fun.  But the lack of customer service and lack of politeness in our Facebook messaging CLEARLY put me over the edge!  lol


Listen, if I can help you with yer video - yes, yer custom video where YOU demonstrate yer products, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask… whether or not you ever spend money with me at DRISKOTECH, I truly believe that you need to look like you know what yer doing in video, and I hope that all my tips & tricks that I put out help you!

(How’d you like *that* run-on sentence?!?! I’m a champ! Ha!)

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  1. Guna

    You are awesome! I love it 😉 xx Tha

  2. Renetta

    I don’t even know what I just made an account to, I will check that out in a minute 😀 I had to though to comment that I am so glad you had that horrid experience or you might not have made this video. You are so spot on!! It’s everything I keep telling everyone only in a much more entertaining way! xoxo You. Are. Fabulous!

    • Kari Driskell

      Hey! Thanks! (Actually, I’m still kinda new at the blogging thing, so I’m not sure why you had to ‘sign-in’ in order to comment, either – I’ll have to figure that out, thanks for letting me know!) Yes, of course, it was irritating that I had to experience it, but I’m pretty sure that a lot of good has come out of it, so… it’s all good. Ha! Thanks for the comment!

      • Jessica Garcia

        It’s a WordPress default to sign in/create an account before commenting. It’s to keep spam off the website. I have a Masters in social media internet marketing and run online content for other business. Love what you are doing here BTW.

        • Kari Driskell

          Hey, thanks for the info! Yes, I did a lil googling and found out about it warding off spam… Thanks, Jessica!

  3. PChefGwen

    OMGoodness!!! You hit the nail on the head!! This business is about relationships and about customer service! Thank you for being frank, with a sense of humor and importance! You made me look at myself and ask, am I doing these things to the best of my ability? I need to create a video of me, so I will be working on that tomorrow!! Thanks again, smooches!!!

    • Kari Driskell

      You are so welcome! Thanks for the thoughts and glad you liked the post!

  4. Heather H

    Can I just say you rock!!! Seriously, best advice I’ve heard. Seems like common sense but it isn’t to all people. Can wait to stal. .. check out your page more and let my awesome shine like you.

  5. Jessica

    This video is GOLD! I love it and I’ve shared on my Team Page! I love everything about this video-content, delivery-everything!! Thank you!!

    • Kari Driskell

      Thanks for commenting, Jessica! I love what I do in video and I love helping others in direct sales with theirs, too! Make sure you connect on my Facebook page, too – fb,com/driskotech

  6. PRjillearp

    I love this!! I always try to make my hostess feel like the most important person ever!! And secondly I try to make all the guests feel super important as well, because hopefully they will be my next hostess!! Great advice and thank you for the video!!!

    • Kari Driskell

      Thank YOU for the comment, girl! Yer so good! This is a relationship business, and yer building them! Great job!

  7. Maria

    My first video of yours that I have seen and it is “awesome sauce”!! I will be checking out more of them. Thank you for this.

    • Kari Driskell

      Ha! Glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Luxlashlady

    I just love you! Bravo!! MORE MORE!!!

    • Kari Driskell

      Hahaha! Okay… you twisted my arm… lol

  9. Nicole

    I love the tips SOOO helpful. I have my first Facebook party in years so I’m excited to put these tips into practice.

    • Kari Driskell

      Awesome, Nicole! Have a great party! Thanks for the comment!

  10. Eddie M Edwards

    How do I pay by credit card only without opening a PayPal account.
    I was frauded on PayPal and do not want that to happen again.
    I am signed in and want to register for the Image Training with PicMonkey

    You are logged in as: totesbyeddie
    Your membership level is: Basic
    Your Account Status: active
    Your Account Expires: Until Cancelled


    Yer Logged In!

    • Kari Driskell

      Hi! I completely understand. You don’t have to a PayPal account when paying that way… you can simply choose to pay by credit/debit card. I believe it’s a smaller lil linked word somewhere around that PayPal button that shows. Click there and you’ll be redirected so you can put in yer information. Hope that helps!

  11. Beth

    I just wanted to say that I LOVED your video. I got some good information on it. I hope to learn a lot from you. I am new to direct selling, and really don’t know what I’m doing. Also, I’m NOT comfortable in front of the camera, nor do I know how to make a video of myself. But hopefully, you’ll be able to teach me.

    • Kari Driskell

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Beth! I’m glad you found the content beneficial! Hope yer hanging out on my Facebook page at fb.com/driskotech!

  12. Dee Leach

    OMFG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! So 110% true & stuff you never really *think* about! I have shared this video (which my team sponsor shared to our team page) far & wide! <3

    • Kari Driskell

      Thanks for sharing, the love, and the comment, Dee!

  13. Lori Willis

    OMG I just about fell out of my chair when I watched this video and spit out my drink! SOOOOO True! Def shared it with my team! Thank You … someone finally said it! xoxoxo <3 ~ Lori

    • Kari Driskell

      Thanks, girl! I really appreciate it! And thanks for leaving a comment and for the share! Mwah! Make sure we’re connected over at fb.om/driskotech !

  14. Ashley

    Thank you soooo much for this video!! I am just starting out as a consultant with two separate businesses and so many people nowadays want to do an online party!! I took notes and know this will definitely help me to be a better rep with those kinds of parties!!

    • Kari Driskell

      AWwww – thanks for the comment, Ashley! Make sure yer connected to my FB page at fb.com/driskotech ! See you over there!

  15. Catie

    You might think this video was common sense but it’s truly helpful. I am autistic, a “higher-functioning” autistic and socializing just is not my strong suit. This is very helpful and great to remind me things I need to pay attention to. I get nervous and anxious when it comes to talking sometimes, so it’s extremely beneficial to “know what to do” so thank you! This was shared by the owner of Arabella Ave to all of us reps. 🙂

    • Kari Driskell

      That’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing, Catie!

  16. Maria

    OMG!! My husband just asked and came over to see what I was laughing at lol. This was just GREAT!!
    I am new consultant and I took so many notes on what to and what not to do, definitely things I need to keep in mind when at a party!! Thank you for this awesome video.

    • Kari Driskell

      Ha! I’m glad you learned from the blog post, Maria! Of course, I’m also glad that you enjoyed watching it and got to throw a loop for yer husband, too. lol Welcome to yer business! Thanks for checking out the website – and hope we stay connected!

  17. Sara

    Great video! I am hosting my first Facebook party this week and have only attended 1 in the past so I was looking for more info about what a Facebook party is. 97% of my guests also don’t know what a Facebook party is, and I’m not sure my rep or I are explaining it well because I only have 13 attending out of 240 invited. Wish I could find a simple way of describing it for non-teckie and older friends over invited. Ideas anyone?

    And so far in promoting the party, while I love my rep, your video makes me see a lot of opportunity for her to better leverage the new relationships I’ve put in front of her. Do I have any place as the host to do any of those things in your video?

    Thank you again for the excellent education!

    • Kari Driskell

      Hey, Sara! Thanks for the note! I don’t have any videos for the hostess to watch, as I train direct sellers & small business owners in video. But, yer rep should have hostess coached you so that you feel confident about yer upcoming party. I always had hostess coaching vids for my hostesses that helped. Plus, I also included a video of what the guests of the FB party could expect. I am sure as yer rep gets further into FB parties she’ll start applying some systems & techniques to help everyone. Of course, you can send her over to DRISKOTECH to help, too! 😉 Thanks again for the comment!


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