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Why should you learn how to edit?

checkmark.tIt’s fun for yer viewer!

checkmark.tIt’s fast-paced!

checkmark.tYou can maximize time!

checkmark.tYou can edit music!

checkmark.tYou can mess up during the recording.

checkmark.tYou can highlight yer personality!

 checkmark.tIt looks professional!

checkmark.tIt’s an engagement technique, yer viewer will watch longer!

checkmark.tYou don’t want to be left in the dust.

checkmark.t You’ll stand out from the crowd!

checkmark.tAnd yer viewers won’t want to scratch their eyeballs out!

You need to look like you know what yer doing.

Custom video has allowed me to connect to my customers on a whole new level!! So many people compliment my videos during my party survey and right from the first interaction I have with them, people are telling me they feel like they know me and have a strong understanding of my products! It has created that professional edge my business needed and I love being able to deliver new video content to my customers all with the help of Driskotech’s Editing Ecourse!!

Shelby Lynn Downey

Video has helped me communicate effectively, get people excited about my business, and most of all, allow my customers to know ME as a person and trust me to be their bag lady. There’s so much this class has to offer beyond basic video editing. I was BLOWN AWAY by the amount of content in her courses.

Becky Murdock

I’m in a Facebook group with over 12,000 other women entrepreneurs. After posting a video made in Kari’s iMovie Editing Ecourse, it went viral. I got 94 new likes on my Facebook page, and I’m booked out for readings till the end of the month. It’s seriously the way to stand out in a crowd.

Denise Litchfield


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Kari Driskell is a self-proclaimed cool girl and the founder of DRISKOTECH. She teaches direct sellers and small business owners how to create “video awesomeness” with the tools they’ve already got: their cell phone and a basic computer.

Her mission: to rid the world of yet another crappy online video. Kari empowers her people with the skills they need to add personality to their spiel, through kick-ass videos on their websites, social media, and especially their Facebook parties.

Kari’s official street cred includes: a Master’s in Education, 7-years teaching middle school math, 10-years in a successful and consistent direct sales business, and is a published author.

She’s got the chops too: Kari’s training is fast, fun, and engaging which saves her people time and makes them money!  The combination of theory and technical skills helps business owners boost their videos, increasing their reach and engagement as well as their videoing confidence.

As the world shifts to embrace video online like never before, Kari shows how to use it to connect, build relationship, and engage with people online. She helps bring life to the person on the other side of the keyboard, so they’re more than just another rep and they look like they know what they’re doing.

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