Links to Gadgets that Amp Up yer Videos

...unnecessary items, but I know you wanna know...

Read this First:

You can make awesome videos using on yer cell phone and a basic computer.  And, still, I use my cell phone to record.  But I’ve added some of these handy products to amp up the professionalism of my videos, and people always want to know what I use.  Again, while these items are completely unnecessary, here’s some handy lil gadgets for video that you could use if you wanted to…

And yes, Amazon pays me like $0.12 per item you order from these links- so I’m not getting rich by any means - but, by law I have to tell you they are affiliate links.

Be sure to scroll…

The first set are PIECES that you’ll need, sold separately; the next are sets!




The Big Tripod I have in my office:

And with the Big Tripod, you’ll need:


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