I’m Kari.

And yeah, while I am usually teaching video… this is a little different. As business women… hell, as PEOPLE… we get sucked into some self-doubt, don’t we?!?


I call it “the Funk.”


It happens to all of us. And I’m getting real and sharing with you some different things that I do to dig myself out of it, these little things I do help me avoid it as much as possible, and help me channel my inner awesomeness! And I want to share them with you.

Join me… it’s gonna be fun, fast, light-hearted, good impactful content, and it’ll help you lift that ‘Funk Fog’ so you can get back to being awesome.

See you on the inside…

Get the Funk Out
Get the Funk Out
5 lessons to help you reclaim yer inner awesomeness! We've all been in a funk before; it's inevitable, we'll be in another. But using these 5 video lessons, 5 prerecorded Facebook LIVE's, and bonus content, gain some of my inside tips on how to lift the "funk fog" and get back to being awesome.

What people are saying about it…

This was very helpful. Just what I was needing. Thanks for branching out but still be you. It helped more than me, I am sure. Denise

Hi Kari, so Get The Funk Out was AMAZING!!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you what it did for me & my attitude. & me saying Thank You could never be enough. Candice

I seriously needed this! Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve been in a “funk” lately and this was just what I needed to kick start a great Holiday season! Taking care of myself is always hard for me, I always put everybody else first, but after this video series I’m working on myself!! Thank you!! Jess

I loved your Funk Out series. Love you! You are an inspiration.  Kathleen

Loved the series!!!  It was just what the doctor ordered.  You are fabulous! Diane

This was a fun and very timely series. It really helped me to start moving again! Thank you for all you do!! Mary Rose

Thank you SO SO much for helping us “Get the Funk Out!” I ABSOLUTELY loved every bit of it!! I’m working on putting my affirmation list and MP3 together. You’ve inspired me in so many ways with this training. I’m going to start water walking with mom, so I can get my exercise. Thank you again, I really appreciate you getting real with us. Because the struggle is real and you helped make it not so bad and gave us a way to get through it!


Best challenge EVER! We all need this. And the world needs more of your positivity. Thank you for this challenge. So fun & uplifting! Michelle

Thank you for such amazing stuff. Every bit helps for those of us trying to build a business. And I haven’t seen anyone else talking about getting out of a funk, and, frankly, we all need that. Sarah

I loved this series! 🙂 Your videos were fun, short, and to the point. I found myself nodding my head as you were talking. I could relate to what you were saying! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and bounce in my step each morning! I’m ready to unleash my inner awesomeness… I never thought I’d say those words! 🙂 Jess


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