Ever want to change things up a little in yer social video marketing?

But it’s just you.

And yer on a budget.

These are my 3 easy steps that are gonna help you be able to create a professional looking mini-commercial all on yer cell phone.

Just to change things up… you know, throw them a zinger every once in a while…

Video Training, How-To Tutorials, App Suggestions, AND Printables

Mini Commercial
Mini Commercial
Learn my 3 easy steps to a 15-20 second professional-looking commercial... and ALL with yer cell phone!

So you can be popping these bad boys out and

incorporating them in your social media marketing strategy.

How easy is that?!?!

I would just like to rave about Driskotech’s “Mini Commercial from yer Cell Phone” course that she is offering!! I am NOT techy, but I made it through the course effortlessly. It was easy to navigate and she gives uncomplicated, straightforward directions that even I can follow and do!! She adds a little humor into it as well which I really relate with! The course is packed full of awesome information that anyone can understand!!

Oh, and the ideas alone to spur your thoughts on what to talk to your audience about are amazing!!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Kari is very knowledgeable and makes things easily digestible even for us that don’t always “get it”!!

Theresa Kuhn

Healing Within

I can’t tell you how many times my perfectionist nature has stopped me from moving forward in my business. I let myself get paralyzed thinking I need lots of time to do it right, or that I need things just right… the lighting, the background, the sound….
Enter the commercial mini course by Driskotech — my hero. Kari breaks down the easy ways to put together a short intro to your biz and have it look beautiful and professional, which saved me hundreds of dollars from hiring it out. Plus, she gives you a quick and easy list of inspiration to work from… so you don’t have to put time aside to brainstorm.
If you have a business, and you DIY your promo and want it to look professional, you NEED this course.

Seryna Myers

Seryna Myers

Kari’s mini commercial course has put a pep in my marketing for my LuLaRoe business. I was looking for something quick and easy, yet highly professional to highlight styles and set me apart.

The 15-second commercial WORKS! I had high engagement and, in turn, sold multiple skirts in the following sale! I’ll definitely be doing more versions of these commercials!

Julie Fritz

LuLaRoe Gloss Girl

I just finished part one of Kari’s 3-step system, and my mind is buzzing with new ideas for video in my business!

I’d say I’m comfortable with creating videos, but I spend more time than I really want to when it comes to planning and editing.

I’m convinced that the process and resources Kari shares in the course will make video so much easier and fun for me! I can’t wait to dig in more! Thanks Kari

Michelle Schroer

Rebel Soul Circle

I am one of those entrepreneurs who really wants to be tech savvy and innovative but am held back by fears of not knowing how to do it and overwhelm with how long it will take me to learn it. Kari’s course knocked me right out of that mindset!

Her course was fun, clear, easy to understand and totally motivated me to start doing videos for my business. ME doing the videos not hiring someone else to do it! Kari is funny, approachable, speaks my language and her videos showing exactly how she did it made me understand video making at a whole new level. I actually finished it feeling excited to make my own videos!

Her idea sheet was to die for and her tips helped raise my confidence! I can’t wait to take more courses from her.

Dr. Juliana Morris

Be Your Own (S)Expert

Mini Commercial
Mini Commercial
Learn my 3 easy steps to a 15-20 second professional-looking commercial... and ALL with yer cell phone!

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