Get TWO printables, my favorite BRAVE MOTIVATION quotes & a LIST of things to do and give the grieving.

OMG, this woman… she is everything! She was one of THE most inspiratioinal, motivational speakers that I have ever had the privilege of seeing! Kari, you are my spirit animal and you are phenomenal!


Thank you for bringing things into perspective. You are an amazing woman! I pray that you continue to share your story because I promise there are lots of women outside that room that need to hear it.


Quite possibly the reason I was supposed to be at this leadership conference. She gave me a MUCH needed reminder that life is short, get my head out of my a$$, to live intentionally, and be thankful for the small (and sometimes irritating) things.


Could you be any more fabulous? So enjoyed your genuine rawness. I may start stalking you. Just saying. Definitely taking your course.


You are F*#%in phenomenal!!! Thank you for sharing your story and inpsiring me to live intentionally. 😘


You’ve made such an impact on me and my family, I can’t thank you enough! Turning such a devastating, life-changing, heartbreaking event into something so positive, like impacting all of us. You’re just amazing!


Kari, you are such an amazing and strong woman! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am bettr today because of you.


Kari has the mouth of a trucker and the strength and heart of one badass woman! Listening to her share her story was freaking amazing! 


Kari, you are so strong and I feel so blessed to have learned from you. Thank you for sharing such a painful story so that others can grow from your experience. Love and adore you!


You have definitely made a change in my perspective on important things. I’ sure I’m not alone in that. You changed lives this weekend. So, thanks! ❤︎


Thank you so much for coming and sharing your story with all of us. I came home and studied everything about my husband and kids - every frecke, laugh line. You put so much into perspective and I know so many other ladies left feeling the same way. You’re the shit and possibly my spirit animal. We all love you. Thanks again!

Mary Cathrine

Kari, your message was exactly what we (I) needed to hear.


So glad I got to meet you this weekend! Life changing, for sure!


It was so good to finally meet you in person! You are so strong and have a pwerful story to tell that can change lives.


You are so strong and special! I can’t wait to see how you continue to touch this world! ❤︎ You’ve certainly touched mine.



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