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Video Evaluation

Wanna know what’s great and what needs improvement on yer video? Lemme peek at a video!
I’ll give you feedback on it so yer next one will be even more awesome! 

Friends are nice; they’ll tell you it looks great.

I’ll tell you the truth.

I’ll give you honest & constructive feedback!  
Think of it sort of as an evaluation…  It’s a great source for improvement and taking yer next video to the next level!

Video Evaluation
Video Evaluation
Get yer video graded by DRISKOTECH.

Video 1:1 Consultation

What is it you want to know?


Pick her brain about something with yer videos.

Brainstorm about how to brand yerself in video.

Brainstorm ideas about your next Facebook Party Video.

Talk about how to execute the vision of yer next video.

Look over your YouTube channel together.

Figure out your video strategy! 

Trailer/Promotional Video

Don’t skip out on this video!

Feature it on yer YouTube Channel(Yes, I’ll teach you how.)

Feature it on yer Facebook Business Page(Yes, I’ll teach you how.)

Post it on yer Website Home Page!

Use it as a referral tool.

Let people get to meet you, know you, like you, trust you.

Tell ’em what yer all about.

Start making connections & building relationships!




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