Kari Driskell is the founder of DRISKOTECH. She teaches direct sellers and small business owners how to create “video awesomeness” with the tools they’ve already got: their cell phone and a basic computer.

Her mission: to rid the world of yet another crappy online video.

Kari empowers her people with the skills they need to add personality to their spiel, through kick-ass videos on their websites, social media, and especially their Facebook parties. She excels in run-on sentences, and loves Harry Potter, coffee, sweatpants, and keepin’ it real.

Oh… and to the college professor I had who called me into his office to discuss my thesis paper, only to tell me that my writing sucked….

To you, I say, “BOOM!  In yer face old man… I’m still a successful person who contributes awesome stuff to the world!”


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