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Want to make kick ass Facebook Party videos? Do you even know how? I’ll teach you to look like you know what yer doing and without all the fancy equipment. I got you, girl!

the Editing Ecourse

I’m in a Facebook group with over 12,000 other women entrepreneurs. After posting a video made in Kari’s iMovie editing course, it went viral. I got 94 new likes on my Facebook page, and I’m booked out for readings till the end of the month. It’s seriously the way to stand out in a crowd.


I bought the program and have found I get excited to make my videos! I’m still trying to perfect myself, but I do them with more confidence. Editing is fun! I am not tech savvy at all, but Kari breaks each step down in videos that are easy to follow and understand. And when I get stuck, it’s easy to go in and find the answer I need! I’m miles ahead of where I was when I first started using Driskotech! I’ve done videos mostly for my team so far (training and such), but am excited to start working on more for my customers and general audience! Can’t thank you enough for making this available to us! PS: WORTH EVERY PENNY.


I don’t have enough great things to say about Driskotech! I knew that I wanted to take my business into a new direction with professional videos but I had no idea where to even start. Kari Skyped with me to lay out everything I needed to know in order to get her the best footage possible and when I got my product video, I was BLOWN AWAY! She made me look like a real actress and my footage looked amazing! Next, I decided to try my hand at editing my own vids and take the Movie Maker Ecourse Kari offers. The step-by-step instructions and videos are so easy to follow! I could have never figured out all the details without the help Kari provided! My online sales have doubled since I started using videos and I couldn’t be happier with Driskotech!


I get SO many compliments on the videos in my parties - they’re fun, informative, and engaging! I never would have been able to pull that off without Driskotech!! I feel like a video-making PRO after taking her course! She shows you how to do everything you could even think of, and more!!! Her Editing Ecourse is a must have if you’re a direct seller and want to reach your audience through video!


Kari’s step-by-step tutorials made leaning how to make videos for my business a breeze! I have so much more confidence in the clips I’m making now and NEVER could have done it without her course. Kari is prompt in her response to questions and I feel so fortunate to have found her and her course. People have seen my Facebook posts and when they see me in person have been telling me how much they love my videos and it makes me feel so proud. They think I went somewhere to have them done!!! Nope!! Just me and my Ecourse. Thank you Kari for teaching me something new and helping to grow in so many ways!


When I signed up with Driskotech, I thought “well, I pretty much know how to do this stuff, but maybe there will be something that I will learn and I get something free, so okay…” Well, I did know how to edit video already, but my videos were more like a lecture than a party video! Proper, professional and boring! Kari Driskell taught me to be myself, and being yourself is OK, and, in fact, it is imperative! I do love the Editing Ecourse videos because they are short and to the point. Each video gives a concept, and you don’t have to scroll through a 2-hour video to find that one thing that you need right now. Also, This has given me the confidence and belief in myself to do other videoing for other areas of my life. You won’t regret signing up! So worth the money and time! And besides, Kari Driskell is a cool girl!



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